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Hot Words - All China Womens Federationbaidu.comTour in China Arts Exhibition Movies Performance Hot WordsSurveyPublicationsa calendar occurrence so rare that the phrase is a commonly used slang to若宫莉娜番号

China’s hot words, like tuhao, dama and lianghui, ___in the baidu.comChina’s hot words, like tuhao, dama and lianghui, ___in the western media(媒体).( ) A.use widely widely used C.uses widely D.are wid大连洗浴按摩推油2015

china’s hot tuhao dama and___in thewe_百度作业帮baidu.com1个回答 - 提问时间: 2014年10月31日最佳答案: d父亲插女儿中字

Exchanging words with China: Oxford Dictionarys latest buzzbaidu.com2013年11月26日-The Chinese hot word tuhao and dama may be included in the next editionthat the popularity of Chinese words is a sign of China’s glo

Politics hot words - Language  | Politics hot words | Sports hot words | Business hot words |said China is in the process of vaccinating all poultry in the country

Tuhao may end up in English dictionaries_JSCHINAbaidu.com2013年11月14日-It can be used to describe anything from Chinas new wealthy class to goldhot words, besides the increasing influence of the Chinese lang